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Voice to Text Transcription API

Access Human or Software Voice to Text

Now developers, enterprise, carriers and government agencies can access the same high quality Human or Software Voice (audio file) to Text Conversion utilized by VoiceCloud in their own applications.

Whether it's Voicemail or specific content audio files, VoiceCloud's API can enable your organization to realize an unprecedented level of efficiency, by streamlining your in-house platforms with the power of transcription.

We can also provide IVR beep separated, line delineated services for multiple question surveys, customer service, call center and sales applications.

If you need true accuracy, VoiceCloud's high quality human Voice to Text is the solution for transcription of addresses, phone numbers, invoice numbers, names and email addresses.

VoiceCloud's human transcription API provides a superior service with 99% accuracy for a reasonable price. We have the infrastructure, scalability and flexibility to handle any high-volume transcription needs with the best quality in the industry.

VoiceCloud's API is available in English and Spanish for Voice to Text Transcription.

Patented Technology, Speed & Security

Our Patented Technology allows files to be broken into smaller segments for speed and security.

VoiceCloud's US Patent Number 8,259,910 (Published September 4, 2012)

A transcription method for facilitating the transcription of audio messages by a group of agent transcribers, comprising: receiving an audio message from a customer via a telephone; determining whether one of the agent transcribers is available; storing the audio message when an agent transcriber is not available; continuing to determine whether a transcriber is available; streaming in real time a streamed portion of the audio message to a first available agent transcriber for facilitating the transcription of the streamed portion of the audio message into a first portion of a transcription text file; providing subsequently a pre-streamed recorded portion of the audio message to a subsequently available second agent transcriber for facilitating the transcription of the pre-streamed recorded portion of the audio message into a second portion of the transcription text file while the streaming in real time is continuing with the first agent transcriber; and combining the first and second portions of the transcription text file into a consolidated text file.

Monthly Fees

Minimum monthly fee of $250.00 will be applied to your usage.

We can transcribe any audio file into 99% accurate text with our experienced transcribers or provide a low-cost Software transcription solution.

*Lower pricing is available for high volume clients. Additional charges may apply for complex / detailed transcription or poor quality audio files.

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