Get Virtual Numbers Around the Globe


  • Toll freelocal or international numbers in nearly any area code, and forward calls to menus, team members, voicemail, conference lines, & more)
  • Full Conference Bridge options. Assign toll freelocal or international numbers for your attendees.
  • English and Spanish Voicemail to Text Transcription options.
  • Voicemail Collaboration for Teams – Receive shared voicemails,accessible by everybody on the team.


Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding…


  • Call Flows – Build advanced menus, phone trees, conference lines,and more with a dead-simple, drag ‘n drop call flow designer.
  • Route calls to all your existing phones. You’ve already got a cell (or two?), phones at home and phones at work? VCX provides the forwarding to ring the phones you want.
  • Voicemails Transcribed – VCX transcribes your voicemails into text, letting you read or listen to them via the web, email or mobile app.